This isn’t my first career in the beauty industry. Before becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist, I was an Esthetician. This is my story. In grade school I was diagnosed with two autoimmune disorders – alopecia areata and psoriasis. For those that don’t know, alopecia areata results in hair loss and psoriasis affects the skin.

I wanted to become an Esthetician so I can help others in an area that I mentally struggled with and eventually overcame – skin. This was my first job I was successful at and I believe it was because I resonated with it. Apart from doing skin I also became the go-to girl for eyebrow shaping.

I heard of microblading during this time. I personally could not grow my eyebrows because of hair loss and a little over plucking and I absolutely hated doing them every day so I naturally became intrigued. I took a 100-hour microblading fundamental course, started a business and never looked back. With 10 years in the beauty industry, my passion is still to help people and my way of doing it is through the art of permanent makeup.